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Kim Wroblewski is an English literature major with minors in Spanish and history. Kim is from Trempealeau, Wisconsin, and she has worked at the library for three summers as well as this school year. As a student, she likes how the library is a relaxing and comfortable place to study. As a student worker, she likes helping patrons with all different types of questions and also likes that there is always something to do. She especially likes seeing where in the world she is sending an interlibrary loan to.

For Kim, the most interesting moment she experienced was when the library flooded during the summer of 2010. She said it happened all of a sudden, and it was quite a shock to see the water pouring into the library. She then spent part of the summer relocating and drying off books and other library materials so they would not get permanent water damage.

Liz Bass, one of Kim’s supervisors, said: “Kim is one of our most experienced and dedicated  student  workers and her presence will surely be missed once she graduates. She actually helped train me on the library’s front desk duties when I started, and I fondly remember her patience and persistence in that endeavor. Since then, I have come to rely on Kim’s keen judgment and superior work ethic in accomplishing some of our more challenging projects. She has truly been an asset to the library and a pleasure to work with.”

After graduation, Kim plans to go to graduate school to obtain a Master of Library Science degree. She’s been accepted into four programs, and we know that whichever one she chooses, she’ll be successful.

Thanks, Kim, for all your hard work and your exemplary commitment to excellent library service. We’ll miss you but wish you the best for a bright future!

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Julia Opalinski, a photography major from Prairie du Chien, Wis., has been working for the Todd Wehr Memorial Library for the past six semesters, mainly in the archives and occasionally at the front desk.  Julia enjoys the peaceful, but not boring atmosphere of the library, and said that the library is “a good place to relax with no distractions.”

Julia has had several memorable moments over her past three years at the library including chasing down numerous patrons who forget their items at the library, such as wallets or articles of clothing.  Julia’s current favorite book is Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.

Jonathan Hinck, collection management librarian at Viterbo, has worked many hours with Julia and said that she “has been a dedicated, hardworking and trustworthy student worker who I’ll be sorry to see leave when she graduates this May.  She has played a big role in digitizing the university’s old Lumen newspaper collection, which everyone on campus can access through the archives web page, and I have counted on her to handle other important and complicated projects in the past as well.”

Another staff member at the library, Marilyn Adam, assistant serials librarian, commented saying “Julia’s friendly spirit and generous heart brighten the day when she comes into the office.  She has an amazing depth and breadth of knowledge on many topics and is a gifted artist as well.”

After graduating from Viterbo, Julia hopes to get a job and pay off her student loans.

Thanks for your hard work and dedication; the library will miss you.

Guest post by Janelle Mathews

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Samantha Keyser is a Liberal Studies Major with an emphasis in English and Spanish and a minor in History. She is from Ferryville, Wis., and is graduating this May. After graduation, Samantha plans to work in Madison.

Samantha has only been working at the library a short time- 2 semesters -but she has enjoyed the experience. “I like the people that I work with,” Samantha explained, talking about the friendly library staff. “I like that I can keep busy with work here” Samantha added, saying that there are always projects to work on and patrons to help.

Samantha’s favorite project was a book display project. For the project, she brainstormed themes for each month and found books to match the themes. She put up book displays in the library on various themes such as Women’s History Month and Social Work Month.

“Sam was new to the library this year, and we wish she had found us sooner,” said Liz Bass, one of Samantha’s supervisors. “She caught on quickly at the beginning of the year and in no time at all I could leave the front desk in her capable hands. Her calm presence and willingness to work on many different projects have made her a perfect fit for the library,” Bass added. “We’ll be sad to see her go, but certainly appreciate the fine work she has done this year.”

In her free time, Samantha likes to read and spend time outdoors doing activities such as hiking and horseback riding. She said that she likes to read a variety of books. One of her favorites is Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater.

Thank you, Samantha, for helping out the library!

Guest post by by Kimberley Wroblewski


Mandy Elliot is a senior Pre-K-12 Spanish Education major with a minor in Latin American Studies. Mandy grew up in Quito, Ecuador before she moved to Chatfield, Minn. in 2001. After graduation, she hopes to serve abroad in a Spanish-speaking country.

Mandy has worked in the library for two semesters. “I really appreciate that there is a well-developed staff community at the library. I notice that staff have a genuine concern for patrons,” she said, adding that everyone continuously works to try to improve the library.

Mandy’s most memorable moment working in the library was when she listened to Disney music while shredding notebook paper.

“Mandy’s strengths are her friendliness and pleasant demeanor,” said Jason Skoog, one of Mandy’s supervisors. “These qualities are very important in her position at the front desk because this is often where patrons’ first impressions of the library are formed.  Mandy even provides a little extra service by asking patrons about their day and wishing them well,” Skoog added. “I am confident Mandy’s friendliness and pleasant demeanor will continue impacting people outside of Viterbo.”

When she is not busy working in the library, Mandy likes to dance, cook, bake, travel, and spend time outdoors with her family and friends. The last great book she read was The Help.

Thank you, Mandy, for your time working in the library!

Guest post by Kimberley Wroblewski

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Janelle Mathews is a senior English Literature major from Boscobel, Wis., and has been working at the Todd Wehr Memorial Library for three years. Janelle has minors in both Spanish and Environmental Studies. In her free time, she likes to do anything related to tennis and likes to read historical fiction books. After she graduates, Janelle hopes to go into the work force. She has already applied and interviewed for multiple jobs.

When asked about a memorable moment at the library, Janelle explained that she missed a moment that is memorable to a lot of the library staff. “The one day I was gone in the summer was the day it down poured,” she said, referring to the day that the library flooded in the summer of 2010. “I was at the dentist.”

“Janelle is our most experienced senior and we will definitely miss her competent, friendly service at the front desk. She always goes above and beyond to provide patrons with an excellent library experience,” said Liz Bass, one of Janelle’s supervisors. “With all of her many activities, she has remained committed to her work at the library and we are grateful for her dedication,” Bass added. “We can’t wait to see what her post-graduation adventures will be – wherever she goes and whatever she does I’m confident that she will excel and find much success.”

Janelle said what she most likes about working at the library is “how laid back and relaxed it is” as well as the staff. She also likes getting the chance to see what new books come into the library. Her favorite author is Philippa Gregory, who writes historical fiction books.

Thank you, Janelle, for all of your work in the library!

Guest post by Kimberley Wroblewski