Hello Moodlers,

We are winding down the semester, and grading season is here. So for the next couple of issues we will talk about some of the common grading problems the trainers have been receiving. If you are having concerns with your gradebook, let us know. There are open sessions this Thursday (today) and the Friday of finals week.

Upcoming Training

All training sessions are in the Learning Commons (2nd floor of the library MC248). We do not yet have a schedule for summer training. Look for that in an upcoming issue.

Thursday, 02 May, 1-3pm Open Session
Friday, 10 May, 9-11 Open Session
Wednesday, 15 May, 1-2pm Gradebook for Beginners
Wednesday, 15 May, 2 -4pm Open Session

Moodle tip of the week

One of the most widespread issues we have seen concerns categories. Categories are great if you have a lot of grade items, and a requirement if you use a weighted gradebook. However, there are a few problems they can cause as well. If you use a category for one set of items in your gradebook, then all grade items must be in a category. The category may only have one item in it, but all items must be in a category. For points-based system, either everything must be in a category, or nothing can be in a category. In a weighted grade setup, all items must be in categories, and you must have at least two categories. The other side of the category issue is that all categories must have items. You cannot use a category as an item and put the grade in the category total. You need to create item, put it in the category, and then put the grade in the item. This is especially true of a weighted system. If you go to the blog at http://vicden.com/wordpress. You’ll find examples, with the fix.

Need help?

For questions or assistance from the Moodle trainers, please email courserequest@viterbo.edu.   You can also view tutorials on all core Moodle features at http://viterbo.libguides.com/moodle


Vicke Denniston

Instructional Support and Design Specialist

Viterbo University