Mandy Elliot is a senior Pre-K-12 Spanish Education major with a minor in Latin American Studies. Mandy grew up in Quito, Ecuador before she moved to Chatfield, Minn. in 2001. After graduation, she hopes to serve abroad in a Spanish-speaking country.

Mandy has worked in the library for two semesters. “I really appreciate that there is a well-developed staff community at the library. I notice that staff have a genuine concern for patrons,” she said, adding that everyone continuously works to try to improve the library.

Mandy’s most memorable moment working in the library was when she listened to Disney music while shredding notebook paper.

“Mandy’s strengths are her friendliness and pleasant demeanor,” said Jason Skoog, one of Mandy’s supervisors. “These qualities are very important in her position at the front desk because this is often where patrons’ first impressions of the library are formed.  Mandy even provides a little extra service by asking patrons about their day and wishing them well,” Skoog added. “I am confident Mandy’s friendliness and pleasant demeanor will continue impacting people outside of Viterbo.”

When she is not busy working in the library, Mandy likes to dance, cook, bake, travel, and spend time outdoors with her family and friends. The last great book she read was The Help.

Thank you, Mandy, for your time working in the library!

Guest post by Kimberley Wroblewski