Norbert Wolf & Uta Grosenick

N 6868.5 .E9 W65 2006

Expressionism is a style of art in which the intention is not to reproduce a subject accurately, but instead to portray it in such a way as to express the inner state of the artist. The movement is also associated with Germany in particular, and was influenced by such emotionally-charged styles as Symbolism, Favism and Cubism.


The book as art : artists’ books from the National Museum of Women in the arts

Krystyna Wasserman, Johanna Drucker, & Audrey Niffenegger

N 7433.35 .U6 W37 2007

Presents more than one hundred of the finest artist̃ books culled from the collection of the National Museum of Women in the Arts. These exquisitely crafted objects are certain to provoke unexpected and surprising conclusions about what constitutes a book.


Making and breaking the grid: a graphic design layout workshop

Timothy Samara

Z 246 .S26 M35 2002

A comprehensive layout design workshop that assumes that in order to effectively break the rules of grid-based design, one must first understand those rules and see them applies to real-world projects. Text reveals top designers work in process and rationale.



Emil Ruder

Z 246 .R83 T97 1981

Classic work of modern typography. B+W illustrations.


The packaging designer’s book of patterns

George L. WybengaLászlo Roth

TS 195.4 .R93 P33 2006

Continues its long tradition as a useful tool in the ever-changing world of packaging design. It features more than fifty new patterns and new material on the latest advances in closures. This hands-on resource gives designers the advantage they need to successfully meet any packaging challenge.