Kalen Hagen is a senior Elementary Education major from Osseo, Wis. who has been working at the Todd Wehr Memorial Library for 3 semesters.  He is very interested in sports, and some of his hobbies include being with his friends and family, working out, and just overall having fun.  His plans for the future include graduating this spring, applying for a job, and possibly coaching an athletic team.

When asked about the library, Kalen said, that “I really enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the library and that I never know who I will run into there.”

In fact, Kalen clearly recalls an incident where he just made it through the front doors before the sky let fall a torrent of rain, and Gregg told him that there was a tornado alert.  Then, everyone proceeded to the recreation reading area for safety.

Kalen has worked the most with Gregg Ruston who says that “Kalen is very motivated and dedicated. I can always count on him to do the job the right way. He pays attention to detail; thinks about what needs to be done, and uses common sense to do it. He is very good at working with and training new work-study students. But I guess that is why he is studying education, and will make an excellent teacher. Everyone that works with Kalen likes to work with him because he always expresses a sense of confidence in everything he does.”

Kalen’s current favorite book is Lucky Child which was written by a 7-year old Holocaust survivor.

Thank-you, Kalen, for being a great addition to the work study staff at the library.

Story by Janelle Mathews

Kalen and family

We'll miss you Kalen!