Janel Gassner from West Bend, Wis. is a recent addition to the library staff here at the Todd Wehr Memorial Library having been hired last semester.  She is a biopsychology major who enjoys the outdoors and will try just about anything; furthermore, she would do anything for her co-workers at the library.  She hopes that graduate school is in her future, but if not, she said that she will be residing in a cardboard box down by the river.  Anyone is free to visit.  When asked about Janel, Liz Bass said, “Janel just joined the library this year, and we wish she would have found us sooner! When you come into the library and everything is neat and tidy, you can bet Janel has been here. Her boundless, focused energy helps us keep everything clean and in its proper place. What’s more is that her commitment to helping patrons shows the kind and generous spirit we will truly miss when she graduates.”  Janel recalls an incident about Tom Snow that is a shared memory between her and Liz Bass.  Janel enjoys books by both Sparks and Susse.  Janel will dearly be missed by everyone.

Janel Gassner

We'll miss you Janel!