by Janelle Mathews

The library has a fantastic crew of student workers, some of whom are graduating this spring. We’ll be spotlighting our seniors on the blog over the course of the semester.

Desiree (Desi) Parker has been working at the Todd Wehr Memorial Library a total of 2 years while balancing her social work major.  Desiree is from Bangor, Wis. and enjoys singing, reading, the great outdoors, traveling, and most of all, adventure.  After graduating, she hopes to first work at an agency and get some experience and then, she wants to get her master’s degree and become a military social worker.

Her favorite aspect of working at the library is her boss, Liz Ehr.  Liz proclaims that, “Desi has been a constant and reliable helper for two years now. Despite her busy, ambitious schedule as a social work major, Desi always makes time for her work in the library. Several large projects could not have been undertaken or accomplished without her. And not only is she a great worker, she’s fun to be around. She’s been invaluable and it will be hard to lose her.”

Desiree doesn’t have a favorite book; she has a favorite genre.  She enjoys reading books about the Holocaust, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Egypt, basically anything historical.

Thanks, Desiree, for being an amazing addition to the work study staff at the library.  We all will miss you immensely.

Desiree Parker

Thanks so much for all your work Desi!