The library has a fantastic crew of student workers, some of whom are graduating this spring. We’ll be spotlighting our seniors on the blog over the course of the semester.

Elyssa is from Barron, WI. Her major is chemistry. Elyssa has worked at the library all 4 years and said that the best thing about working in the library is the people she works with! Currently, Elyssa is putting graphic design skills to work by designing a t-shirt for the library’s weeding project.   Her future plans involve getting a job and starting her career; although, Pharmacy School may be in the future, too.
Elyssa loves animals of all kinds and trains horses. Her creative skills include all kinds of crafts such as knitting, crocheting and needlework.  She is also working on a novel.
When talking to Gregg, the evening supervisor she works with, he said, “Elyssa could be a rocket scientist or brain surgeon and I am not joking about that. She is extremely smart and could do anything she chooses to do!”
Thank you, Elyssa for your dependability and your kind personality that is a welcome addition to our library.

Thanks so much Elyssa! You will definitely be missed here!