The library is delighted to announce that the first titles from the Fr. Tom O’Neill Recreational Reading Collection are now available!  The very first title that became available (on 3/8/11) is:  How I paid for college: a novel of sex, theft,  friendship & musical theatre by Marc Acito.  It is currently available and located on the New Book Shelf at the front of the library.  More items from the collection will become available throughout the semester.

Brittany putting one of the first items on the shelf

The late Fr. Tom O’Neill generously donated a collection of approximately 400 contemporary literature titles to the library from 2008-2009.  This collection is primarily contemporary fiction with a few nonfiction titles thrown in as well.  Some of the authors represented are:  Margaret Atwood, Kiran Desai, Malcolm Gladwell, Carl Hiaasen, Christopher Moore and Zadie Smith.  Most of the books are hardcover first editions and many are first printings.  Additionally, most of the items have been personally signed by the author.  They were meticulously collected and preserved by Fr. Tom in individual plastic bags and brought to the library over two years.  Fr. Tom brought many items to the library personally.  These books will now be a part of the Recreational Reading Collection which has been renamed the “Fr. Tom O’Neill Recreational Reading Collection” in his honor.  The items donated by Fr. Tom contain book plates and are denoted by purple stickers on the spine.

Currently available books from the Fr. Tom O'Neill collection

Senior library intern Brittany Appleman is working with Cataloging Librarian Liz Ehr to have the entire collection cataloged and available on the shelves by semester’s end.  Emily Feldmeier, Desiree Parker, Miriah Schwendinger and Rose Teague are the cataloging department student workers who are have been doing the barcoding and physical processing of the items.  A huge thank you to Brittany & Co. for all their hard work on this project.

Thank you Liz and Brittany!