This week, the landmark Oxford English Dictionary online version has unveiled a new look. Known as “the accepted authority on the English language. It is an unsurpassed guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of 600,000 words— past and present—from across the English-speaking world.”

Different from most dictionaries, the OED traces history of words through the usage of three million quotations. Over 150 years old, the newest online version has the following features:

  • What’s new: every three months updates revise existing entries and add new words. You’ll also find regular features—on language development and use—offering routes into the OED Online
  • The OED today: discover the 21st century OED and find out more about the revision program, how to read an entry, and how to use the online OED
  • Aspects of English: informative and entertaining commentaries on the English language, written by dictionary editors and specialist authors
  • Historical Thesaurus of the OED: now fully incorporated into OED Online, the Historical Thesaurus of the OED arranges the dictionary by meaning. Trace the changing language of the material world, the mind, and society, from the Anglo-Saxon period to the modern day

Would you like to know more about the OED? Explore its history.

This resource is available from the library’s homepage from many locations. Either click on Article Search, A-Z list, and scroll down to the OED, or click on Get Help, Research Links, Dictionaries and Thesauri.