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Wil T. and Amanda C. were the closest out of 225 guesses in our “Guess How Many Pages are in this Book” and “Guess How Much this Book Weighs” contest. They each won a prize package (Viterbo University t-shirt, 2MB memory drive, and a really big candy bar). We had tons of fun at this year’s Courtyard Carni.

  • Wil’s guess: 2,653. Correct number of pages: 2,662
  • Amanda’s guess: 13 lbs. Correct weight: 12 lbs. 14.5 oz.

Some of the other booths featured tossing whipped-cream pies in your favorite teacher’s face (pictured above–a teacher with a great attitude!), and picking little plastic duckies out of a pool to win a prize. There were tons of baked goods for sale, as well as all the games. This year’s Courtyard Carni was great, even though it was held inside.