Franny's LogoAs part of our contest on St. Francis Day, October 5, we asked students and staff to write a little bit about their pets. Here are some of the responses:

Gayle K: “George is part Pomeranian, part Maltese. George is an excitable fella. Loves little kids–probably because they are his size.”

Janine E.: “We have two ‘pet’ steers, two horses, five cats, two dogs, two guinea pigs, and one mourning dove at our place.”

Amanda M.: “I have two dogs, Siberian Huskies. Mine is a great dog — he listens well and is full of love and energy. I’m so glad I’ve found a friend in him 🙂 .”

Lienna O.: “Two parakeets, Ralphy & Glady. They fly free in the house.”

Courtney L.: “I’ve had Fluffy for three years, and she’s the best! I take her to the mall so she can get those striped dog sweaters she loves. Pink is her fav color!”

Gabby H.: “My two dogs do everything with us. One is lazy and slow, the other is energetic and ready to go @ all times. They balance each other well.”

Kasie V.: “My dog is a 12 year old Black Labrador. I’ve had him since he was a puppy, and since I was in first grade. He’s the best dog in the world: he listens, does tricks, and stays in the yard. We can even walk him without a leash. We’ve been through a lot together–snowstorms, tornadoes, tears, and laughs. He’s a great companion and I miss him dearly 😦 .”

Rose T.: “I have a Basset Hound. We rescued her from a family that paid no attention to her. We’ve had her for seven years now and she follows me everywhere when I get home.”

Jackie D.: “I rescued one of my cats just before Christmas of 2008. She weighed four lbs. and was sick, starving, and frostbitten. She’s since filled out and she’s healthy and happy. She and Samantha love to chase and pounce on each other and run around my apartment. I call it ‘Kitty Nascar’.”

Sarah D.: “I had six chinchillas at one point. Favorite one was called Chico the Chinchilla. We would let them jump all over, on the walls and around the house! Very cute animals!!!”

Susan C.: “I have a five year old Labrador. She’s always in a good mood, always so happy to welcome me home; just being greeted by her is a mood lifter. 🙂 ”

Emily Z.: “I grew up on a farm, so I have had horses, cats, chickens, a goat, a guinea pig, and real pigs.”

Karen S.: “Hank & Keisha. Cute!”